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Czech web design agency where I had the pleasure to work
As a part of Moonlake team my task in this project was to design a new site for the company. The old site's design is extremely heavy and old fashioned. I decided to lighten the atmosphere of the site to please our visitors and potential clients.

The new design gives visitors the feel of dynamic but mindful company which cares about client's work and the final result of cooperation with Moonlake.

When I was designing the site I tried to focus on overall feeling but also on details. You can see the details on many pictures.
The career page has one nice feature which is called "Apply with LinkedIn". When people want to apply for one of offered jobs they just need a LinkedIn account.
The reference page also has the testimonial part!
Boxes with Moonlake's services. The box with texture is hover state of boxes. Also you can see very similar texture on the button/hyperlink.
Beautiful top bar with which you pick one of Moonlake's work places with Google Maps.
Here you can see a contact form and bank accounts.

Flag in the corners indicates for which country the bank account is. This one is for the Czech Republic.

You can also notice the very light texture in the background. webdesign concept
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Web design concept for czech web design agency.


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