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    A retrospective collection of some of the identities I have created over the past 15 years.
Identities : mid/late 90's through to present
I'm not going to confess to being a 'logo factory' and I certainly haven't created as many as some on this site who do it for a living. But, I thought let's do a quick retrospective of some of my creations (which have all been used by the client) from the late 90's through to present.

You'll probably notice the majority are dual language logos due to my location, this though adds yet another challenge to the creative process, also the same goes for the sophistication of the clients mindset. Early on, most just wanted a highly graphic, colourful and symbolised logo forgetting about it's meaning and the actual application of it. Luckily over time, their mindset has now changed here and people are more aware of well crafted pieces of work that can be applied easily.

One's to note that have become pretty big brands here in Dubai and the region are: Dubailand (when it's built!), Global Village, UDC and crank & piston.

The logos shown cover the sectors of Government, Hospitality, F&B, Leisure, Fitness, Banking, Real Estate, Industrial, Corporate, Retail, Digital and Telecoms.