Various Characterdesigns
In this project I'm going to collect my daily business characterdesigns that dont fit a bigger context and some of the ones I liked but didn't make it into final usage...

Often a lot of great ideas are born while developing a character based on a special brief. Some of those ideas are the "crazy ones" that we maybe scribble but in the end discard because they dont fit the choosen direction. Going through my sketchbooks I found a lot of funky stuff that I want to breathe their deserved life into...

Next to that I realized that Artbuyers often cant imagine that Illustrators known for a special style are also able to output common stereotypes of characters so I decided to also share some lets say unspectacular Characters...

Some character modeling/ animation and camera tracking I did during a live session at Grafik 14 in Zurich/Swiss
A visualization I did for my friend David Stegmann aka dust's concept... check out his behance here: