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    Diamonds and Larch Set Casted from larch growing in the forest nearby the Workshop. Handmade in 14K Gold. www.1618.design
Larch - Bracelet, Necklace, Earings, Rings.
Gold 14K and diamonds.
Hand made.
“Found Objects” is inspired by my explorations of the landscape and forests in the Tatra Mountains, by which I’ve been surrounded most of my life. I focused on the more fragile, easily overlooked and usually underrated organic pieces or found objects.
I was intrigued by their fragile beauty changed by weather, growth and passing of time. Organic forms as a jewelry material have its own visual and symbolic strength. They go back to the roots of jewelry, to ritual magic and ancient myths. They make pieces of jewelry which encompass the world from which it grows, sharing an intimate statement with the wearer. During the process of experimenting with the characteristics of the objects, I wanted to create jewelry which would not only celebrate the ingenious constructions of piddle organic forms.
By extrapolating them from their surroundings, putting them into a new context, I was looking for their new meanings, their new life as symbols. I used traditional handicraft and classic silversmithery techniques only as a tool to highlight the fragility, harmony of genuine simplicity, the suspended poetry of the found objects.
The collection is to be sculptural, but wearable. The aesthetic qualities combine and contrast restrained colours with striking patterns and sensuous forms.
The “Found Objects” are an invitation to exploring my work. Which is sincere, personal and strongly influenced by Polish art and culture. But at the same time it is a continuous search for a balance between local settlement and global viewpoint, folk craftsmanship and modern art, tradition and new technologies.
Each piece is fully handmade in my studio, with great attention to detail and quality.