Our task was to create a poster that represents Piran & Portorož, small towns in Slovenia, in a way that could be used as a key visual of the destination. Some facts that we found out about it: 

* Portorož & Piran are located between two salt-pans
* It is said that Piran grew on salt. The town primarily got rich by selling salt.
* Salt is the key element in thalassic therapy, which is the flagship of our wellness & spa offer.
* Piran salt and salt flower are important ingredients in local cuisine.
A pleasant sea rest, numerous wine tastings and delicious Mediterranean cuisine are the main attractions of Piran region. 
And just like Piran salt is produced working by hand, symbols of these attractions were also handcrafted with a pinch of Piran salt. The three small pinches.
Art director: Michael Zvegintsev
Copywriter: Danylo Torbovskyi
Lettering: Oleksandr Kryvonosov
A pinch of the Medipiranean