A&M Fashions
Identity & Stationery design by Clevery
A&M Fashions is a manufacturing company that began its operation in 2012 stepping into the textile industry.
Over the years company has gained a reputation for manufacturing high quality products and extensive customer services that enabled it to develope strong relations with clients across the globe. A&M Fashions has a covered area of 1 500 square yards planned and built up using leading technology. At top speed, in this moment the facility produces half a million garment annually.
A&M Fashions aspires to be the ultimate technical, creative
and cultural beacon within the textile arena.
A&M Fashions firmly believes workmanship requires attention to details,
a passion for getting it exactly right no matter how long it takes.
A&M Fashions encourages eco-friendly process to help protect the environment and community around it using resources such as sustainability grown fibercrops or recucled materials.
A&M Fashions uses high end fibers to obtain the finest fabrics
 and apply creative finishing techniques to their products.
A&M Fashions