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    Homo Sententia - Sculptural object made from ceramic. Part of my Master Degree Show.
Homo Mechanicus
The Inside-Out Project

     The Inside Out Project presents in a metaphorical way the relationship between the exterior and the interior of the human being. The two are interlinked in a subtle way. Our inner self is influenced by our surrounding and external experiences, but what surrounds us is often an emanation of our own interiority. Each piece of work can be interpreted in many ways, the spectator being free to chose his or her own story.
     We are people of words. In the eyes of others, what we say makes us what we are. But the true meaning is sometimes hidden behind the words. Homo Senatentia illustrates how words not only communicate our feelings, but are often use to protect our inner self from the eyes of others, just like the flesh of an apple protects and nourishes the seeds.