Craig Shaw
Artist, Sign Painter,  Musician
Hand lettered original shop sign.
Painted A frame with chalk board
Hand painted logo on window. Painted on the inside of the glass, backed up with varnish.
Hand painted logo on window. Painted on the inside if glass, backed up with varnish.
Painted logo a frame sign.
Painted lettering on window with original calligraphy.
Small painted sign
Painted sign with logo and cut out oval.
Gold leaf film on a painted panel. Installed in Calistoga California. 13 feet long.
Painted lettering on inside of glass. Original calligraphy
Hand lettered a frame sign.
Hand lettering with gold leaf on cut out panel.
Painted oval sign.
Painted logo on sign panel
Painted store front sign using gold paint.
Painted replica sign for the movie "Phenomenon"
Quick hand painted banner.
Painted store sign.
Painted replica sign for movie background.
Hand lettered with a steel brush calligraphy pen.
Hand carved redwood sign for a cottage.
Painted lettering on cut out oval.
Logo design with paint and vinyl.
Book store signs hand lettered
Hand painted lettering on sign panel.
Paint and vinyl store sign.
Hand painted banner for Amy's.
Painted sign on 2' x 8' panel.
Painted cut out oval.
Paint and vinyl logo on cut out oval.
Painted replica for movie.
Painted card for display end cap.
Gold film on cut out oval.
Cut out vinyl logo on painted panel.
Painted lettering on two sided sign.
Painted lettering for hand made jewelry store.
Hand painted sign for a movie.
Logo on birch plywood for book store section.
Paint and vinyl lettering on cut out panel.
Quick painted paper banner.
Small painted sign.
Hand painted banner for a theatricle period set.