I'm rather fond of most things retro, and gaming is no exception, so I thought it would be fun to marry old well known systems and brands with modern tech. It was a perfect project to learn Zmodeller in ZBrush and the non commercial version of Renderman from Pixar. Needless to say, I had a lot of fun doing them and I'm pleased with how they came out.
Now I just wish that I could buy them as well.
I wanted these images to look like mobile ad posters and thus had to come up with some witty lines to type.
The well known Game & Watch from Nintendo obviously served as inspiration for this cool smart watch. Everyone at school had a Game&Watch. Mine was 'Fire Attack'.
lThe classic Commodore 64! I still remember when we first got it when I was a kid. SO many hours was spent on playing games on it. Pure joy! And some frustration...
The Amiga 500 was where I started my career as a graphics artist. Countless hours were spent in De Luxe Paint IV on that machine. For years I pixelated like a madman. Those were the days of pixel magic. Early -90's to be more precise.
Atari were pioneers in computer gaming with its 2600 system. My friends dad bought one and he played 'Asteroids' well into the nights on it.
Such great design with its fake wooden panel - or was it?
Retro devices


Retro devices

With these images I wanted to create a mobile ad campaign with smart devices from the past. Marrying old and new makes an interesting subject I t Read More