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    sketching show
Youngest car designers in the world
magical experience

it's really amazing but some young children already draw cars like famous designers. This object does not appear to have any secrets for them to see how serious they show when they have to imagine it. As a car designer, this is an extraordinary experience to see them applied by pulling the tongue to complete the features of  of their dream car.

I wanted to get them further in their imagination by redesigning their cars as true concept cars of motorshow.
I transformed the small defects of curves in real style effect and I respected the naive and innocent intention while ignoring the rigid codes of the automobile industry: everything was allowed. So I could show them that perhaps their small awkwardness gestures were not a coincidence and that they could instead give all the originality of the design.

Moment of shared pleasure and truly magical ...
10 minutes per final sketche. youngest child : 4 years old !!