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    All right reserved !
Cat's Rythm
For CHAPATIZ, year 2011-2012
Game Design, Concept Art,Production

     Cat's Rhythm is a little rhythm game based on the reproduction of rhythm sequences correlate with ambient music.

The work I'm in charge for this project :
Game still in prodcution.  All right reserved for CHAPATIZ.

     " Mymy wants to sleep to be fit for the next day but she can't do it. Cats are under her window, Mymy heard their mewing like a song, she sings with them to fall asleep. More it advances in the stages more it plunges us into the dream, more Mymy and cats become imaginary, also the decor, the atmosphere is sinking toward the dream... But if Mymy can't "sing" correctly, the sound is unpleasant and cats moan, which has the effect of breaking the sleep ... Mymy is unable to sleep. "
Character Design
Mymy, the "not" sleeping beauty, but she would like to...
Moods - Evolution of the holding (in progress).
Let's have a looooong moan with this big tomcat :3. Cat corresponding to a long rythm, 2 seconds of pressure on the press barre.
Moods - Color variations (in progress)- Evolution of the holding.
You'll have to be precise to sing like this cat, maon like a sire ! Cat corresponding to a short rythm, 0.5 second of pressure on the press barre.
Moods - Color variations - Evolution of the holding.
Top Part : Interface of enemies' life +  timer left to clic | Icone of bonus used.
Bottom part : Creature of the night and dreams will not let you rest in peace... Quick, clic on them in order to make them leave your singing cats alone !!
Environment Design
Stage 01 : Mymy's room.
Stage 02 - Clinb to trees like a cat :3.

Next Stages in progress...
Interface Design