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Identity Showcase
Welcome to logoland
A showcase of our corporate identities
Firstly a shout out to our clients without you none of this would have been possible. 
Yes, we have been busy by the looks of things but when you are having fun the time sure flies by.
They say a true test of any identity is how it looks when it is reduced to a single colour. Well here they are laid bare and ready for inspection.
The Embassy – Production Suites
Iron Fist – Clothing
Iron Fist – Clothing
Peregrine – Wealth and alternative asset management
Food Republic – Food and fresh produce distributers
Egg Designs – Interior and furniture design
OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturers
Brezzu – Outdoor and lifestyle furniture
Trade Inc – Retail stategy
Dr Kat’s – Low calorie beverages
Hampden – Personal monogram
Overport City – Shopping centre and office building
Argil – Business and client relationship experts
Genevieve Motley – Jewelry Designer
Muskerry – Luxury goods
Dough Dough – Artisan bakery
Blank Generation – Youth culture
One Inc – Holding company
Iron Fist Athletic – Sportswear
Con Amore – Home and lifestyle retail stores
Drummond – Furniture company
Sapp – POP design and manufacture
The Broken Heart Repair Shop – Retail exhibition lifestyle emporium
Romesco – The olive people
Catherine Deane – Clothing designer
Mighty Agency – New generation retail agency
True Girl – Teenage skin products
Fluffy Donkey – Designer kids furniture
Birdsflock – Microsoft developers platform
Cue – Accounting and business services
Danger Plus – Hong Kong DJ and socialite
John Dube – Exclusive menswear and accessories
Officiel – High society travel club
H2 Architects – Architects
The Burger Co – Boutique burger bar
Black Vegas – Clothing label
Dear Deer – Lifestyle products
Hutch – Streetwear

Dark Paw – Animal rights fundraising organisation
Black Vegas – Clothing label
Dirty Sanchez – Clothing label seasonal logo
Matt Black – Clothing distributers
Heart Media – Film direction and post production
Levi’s – Original music
Project Room – Retail design, engineering and manufacture
Frozen Charlotte – Ceramics
Coastland – Outdoor equipment
Carezza – Leather furniture manufacturers
Stick it – Novelty lifestyle items
Ultra Simple Golf – Television show
Nologo – Software developers
Chemistry – Events agency for a company called Science
Quadratech – Modular retail display systems
Findex – Financial services directory
Heart Media – Film direction & post production
Atticus – Furniture imports
Coyote – Frozen cocktail company
Identity Showcase

Identity Showcase

The Curators – Identity Showcase