Maha Kela
Final year project, year 2011-2012
Concept Art, Modélisation 3D, Animation

This project is a prototype done during my final year at Isart Digital.

Maha kela is a strategy game in which two players faces, each wanting to gain an advantage over his opponent and destroy his camp. For that it has many and varied units and special powers ...

We were three game artists student for the Concept art and the production.

Here I will present my part of the work accomplished among the team.
Maha Khela has received the Grand Jury Prize of 2012, we are all very proud of the work performed during this year, hoping that you will appreciate. A web playable version will be online soon .
Graphic Collaborators : Myriem Tababouchet, Jean-Vincent Racary.
Game Designers : Lucas Jouvenot, Yvan Moullec, Gil Schneider, Nicolas Pamart.
Character Design

In maha Khela you play Indian gods settling their conflict by competing via a board game. To do this they call magical creatures through their mana. 
These creatures battle on the board, their goal being to reach the other side.
We chose to adopt a cartoon style in a universe Indian, to create the four gods and 16 creatures present currently in the game
I was in charge of four creatures, and final illustrations of the gods.
Some research for similiar units.
First sketch for the unit called "Makara", a defensive unit wish charge his attack oppening his mouth and deal damages to the first enemy within reach of its fangs.
Animation sketchs of Makara.
Research in color, emerald camp.
References : Odin Sphere Art Works
Evolution of the healing unit, final choose.
Preliminary search of the gods' arm; part of their body player can see into the game view when a god uses his powers.
First God Kali; godness af death
Second god Ganesh, god of strengh.
Third god Lakshmi; godness of health
Final god Krishna, god of tricks.
 Environment Design
Environment design
Modélisation 3D
Character low poly + Color map
Modeling. i will update this part soon.
Character low poly + Color map
Uvs of a props i made.
This is the color map.
A additional incandescance map for this props was made too.
Choose the god you want to play :)
Versus screen.
Please, can you give me some feedback ? :)