I had the opportunity to do a live stream demo for the Adobe Masterclass series and was specifically asked to demo some new features and mobile apps from Adobe. So I dove in and created this illustration. I started by using Adobe PS FIx to take a picture of a friend and make it exaggerated and cartoony, and then composited that with some other reference in Adobe PS Mix. Using that imagery as reference I created a pencil sketch in Adobe Sketch and then finished the illustration in vector using Adobe Draw and Adobe Capture
The replay of the masterclass demo can be watched here.
And if you scroll to bottom of this page there will be an embedded video of a timelapse of the whole process. 
I kept it pretty long as some people have commented that the timelapses were too fast. 
My super talented friend Jake Houvenagle agreed to pose for this and I used PS Fix to contort and adjust features on his face to get a more comical scared look. Then composited some other reference with that shot in PS Mix. 
I love drawing in Adobe Sketch, and the looseness of the sketch helps the final illustration from becoming too reference driven. 
Once in Draw, I had the ability to use some shape captures from Adobe Capture to add some textures and same time, and then just relied on the tapered line brush and used layers to add color. 
You can see how complex the file but once you send to illustrator its easy to merge and start adjusting any color or layout stuff. 
2-hour timelapse of process.