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Conceptual design project for the well known Swiss producer of the sportswear. 240 sq.m. store designed in a huge hall with the LVL wood beams construction and polished concrete floor.
The general idea was to bring the feeling of being in the mountains in a modern wooden chalet to a store design
One of the cool features of the store was the central sidewalk made from the triangle trampolines. The idea was to add some action to the proccess when customers move from the entrance to a counter or just cross the store from one side to another.

The idea was inspired by outdoor trampolines mounted in the parks of some european cities, that give a joy not only for children but for adults also.
The main showcases are designed as a huge concrete frames suspended to a ceiling beams with a bright blue stropes. Also these stropes with a special yellow colored tensioner used to suspend the central poster frames made from unfinished wooden boards and also they are used to decorate the main product stands.
One of the design features of the project is using the brand blue color to make some accents on design.
And in a central part complicated polygonal shape made from a wooden planks was hanged to the ceiling beams. It partly  repeat the trampoline shape at the floor.
Special attention was payed to a pictures used in the store design.
That's almost monochrome photos of hte mountains and the smily faces of the sportsmen and sportwomen sponsored by ODLO company.
The central block with the utility rooms and the feeting rooms was designed as a separated little house decoorated with old gray wooden decks. And as an accent the windowas and a glass door frames were colored in a bright blue color.
This feature was designed to bring the style of a mountain builings and alpen houses to a store