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Catrinas de Cerveza Victoria
In March of this year we published a personal project called Las Muertas, the collection of images featured “Catrinas” inspired by the Mexican holiday Dia De Los Muertos or Day of the Dead. This uniquely Mexican holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember those who have died, and help support their spiritual journey. This national holiday is an amazingly colorful celebration, and at the center of the visual representation are “the Catrinas,”  lavishly dressed female skeletons first sketched in 1910 by Mexican illustrator José Guadalupe Posada. The Catrinas are the referential image for this grand celebration and the more beautiful the adornment the greater the celebratory impact.
When we published Las Muertas, it was an homage to a beautiful culture and tradition. The series was my interpretation and at the core I hope it honored tastefully this incredible holiday. What I did not expect was that it would be so well received in Mexico. In fact it was covered by newspapers, magazines, and blogs all over the country. I received emails, interview requests and many requests for prints. Some even sent photos of tattoos of our images on their arms and legs. We were flattered and so happy that many Mexicans found this collection inspiring.
What made this acknowledgment even better was that in September we received a call from JWT Mexico City with an awesome project to create a new set of Catrinas for Cerveza Victoria. This time we would create Catrinas that spoke to another side of the Dia De Los Muertos holiday, the three day long party that starts on Halloween and ends on November 2nd.
Of course every party needs beer, so these Catrinas were going to be of the very sexy beer slinging type. Yes, these would not be as elegant as our original series, but they would be more spectacular. So we gathered all the artists that donated their time from our original personal project and put some funding behind their efforts to create an even more dynamic and visually impactful collection.
We created five new Catrinas, each representing a different regional cross section of the country. The images are appearing on Billboards, Posters and Print Ads throughout Mexico. We are really humbled that our images were so well received and that they generated such a large campaign. I hope I get invited to the party! Enjoy!

Photography: Tim Tadder
Producción de Línea: Dahlia Snyder
Producción Ejecutiva: Gaby Rodríguez
Ilustración: Krisztianna Ortíz
Face/Body Painting: Paul Roustan
Vestuarista: Julia Reeser
Diseño de Tocados: Sylva Welch y Lymari Millot
Maquillaje y Peinados: Dezi V
Post-producción: Alexey Adamitsky
Agencia: J. Walter Thompson México
Anunciante: Grupo Modelo
Producto: Cerveza Victoria
Tema: “Campaña Día de Muertos”
Director Creativo: Martin Giudicessi
Director de Arte: Martin Giudicessi
Redactor: Edgar Elorza
Equipo de Servicios al Cliente: Alfredo Ramírez / Mateo Montes de Oca
Producción: Silvia Gómez / Sebastián Zash

Catrinas de Cerveza Victoria

Catrinas de Cerveza Victoria

An adaptation of our Las Muertas project from March 2015 for Cerveza Victoria, a beer from Mexico. The project is an extension of our previous wo Read More