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    Simply business: simplistic business cards with a touch of geometry.
This is my very first business card project on Behance since I used to really dislike making designs of this sort. In September we had a new client who requested (among other things) a new, simplistic business card design which would work as a template. He wanted an online app that would allow users - his clients - to generate their own cards using this one image and the info they support. Since he was open to any ideas, I had the opportunity to try out some ideas. These designs were made during this process and now they are available in my Etsy shop as customizable templates.

What I wanted was geometric, line-based and simple; it had to compliment the info of the clients and also look nice and fresh. The last design with the arrows is what he went with.
So here's my interpretation of simply business..
Before actually making the cards, I took my time to try out and make some patterns using simple shapes and lines.
Some patterns came out very simple, some were cute..
..and all worked in black and white.
Thank you for watching - if you like my work, please leave a comment or appreciate the project! :)
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