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To work, out of curiosity or personal interest, whether or not the celebrities, artists, composers,musicians I photographed the 80s to today.
Aaron Siskind, photogapher
1982, Turin Italy
Rolleiflex f3,5
Elliot Carter, Composer
1991 Turin italy
Franco Donatoni, composer
199? Turin Italy
Sofia Gabaidulina, Composer
199? Turin Italy
Iannis Xenakis, composer
1987, Turin Italy
Luigi Nono, Composer
!990 Turin Italy
Marta and Gyorgiy Kurtag, composer
Steve Reich, compose,r in Clapping Music
Dennis Hopper, actor, director
1982, Turin Italy
Topcon RE super
Luciano Berio, composer, conductor
Krzysztof Kieslowski, director
Riccardo Muti, conductor
Frederich William Ayer, painter, poet
1993, Ulm, Germany 
Robert Wyatt, musician, composer, poet
Turin Italy
Antonio Carena,painter
1982 Turin italy
mamya RB 6x7
Mauro Biffaro, painter
1982 Turin Italy
Santo Tomaino, Painter
Luigi Stoisa, Painter

Johannes Pfeiffer, artist
Alberto Signetto, director, documentary, filmmaker
Turin 2013
Analog and digital photographs will be a work in progress, will add more pictures. If I add thedate and place certain records and how the equipment with which I photographed ........