KEEP | UWS 2011 Graduate Exhibition concept
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    Grad Show branding
KEEP us in mind... 
Concept for Grad Show branding and collateral
Keep the date free... Keep us in mind... Keep this as a token...

Here I tried to turn the ordinary chatterbox into an 'objet' with the aim of creating a 'keep'sake invitation for our Grad Show. The name and theme was to be "Keep" and phrases starting with the word would adorn everything from the catalogue to tote bags and posters. 

The invitation would be sent out as a compact folded item which can be manipulated into various forms. Each flap has a title which when used like a chatterbox unfolds to reveal corresponding details for the event.
The unfolded invitation.
Keep folding... The many ways the invitation can be manipulated.
Keep the date in mind... unfolded invitation reveals all details.
Keep this on your desk...