Task. Graphic visualisation of the main concept – “the laboratory of the future”. It stands for high-tech production, which uses the newest achievements in the field of science and agriculture for the sake of the person and its health. 
The motto. After analyzing the field we came up with the slogan: “Man. Technology. Nature”. The first point is that the man is both the object and the subject of our work – we care about the staff of our company and about our customers. We consider nature as the main target of our interest and also a field to discover. However, we care a lot about the environment and keeping it safe.
Logotype. The logotype reveals the concept: three main aspects stand for three main symbols. The formula is: “Neuron” (man) + “Bit” (technology) + “Gene” (nature).
Creating of the items resembling the original style. We applied the new original style to different elements: business cards, posters, interiors, uniform etc.