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    Real estate photography and the process of capturing a home.
I focuse on capturing the most amount of picture information within the cameras histogram. This gives me maximum amount of flexibility to color correct / color grade in post. Below is an example of the before and after. The shot initially looks flat because the camera settings are set to capture the most amount of information. This allows the "pretty" to come in with post color correcting.
I try to give the room life by brighting the room and deepening the color tones. I add splashes of light throughout the room to bring out 3 demensional space fo the room. I want the room to feel warm and inviting. 
I want to capture the true color tone of the room. Normally the light in the bathroom alone would give the room an un-appealing yellow color tone. I color correct to bring out the true color. Notice how you can also see clearly into the other room. 
The normal ambient light in the bathroom gives the bathroom porcelain a dark yellow tone. I was able to make the porcelain look white and clean. 
There are several ways to present a room. The is room is a double expsosure blended together. This gives me the ablilty to accurately capture the foliage outside and clearly capture the room. Below is the example of the double exposure before blended and color corrected. 
The other option is to shoot to capture the room the best as possible and just lightly color correct the foliage through the window. 
I combine several exposures to make sure I get the full color range. I also deepen, brighten, and make sure the colors are correct. Below are a the exposures before they are blended together to make one photo.