Urban Bike design, based in city analysis
Final Degree Project for the University of Sevilla
This project is based on improving the connectivity between the user and the bike in urban roads. To develop the design of the bike the needs of the user in an urban environment have been studied, and also have been analyzed the urban roads to give the user the best bike riding experience.
The main design objectives were to minimize the elements prone to be sealed, like mudguards or lights, increase the bike security, and add compatibility with electronic devices. The two first objectives were solved by adding these elements into the frame design; mudguards are part of the frame shape, and lights are included and fixed to the frame. The last objective is achieved by adding an Iphone hollow into the handlebar connected to the front hub dinamo, which provides the energy to the lights and to the phone.
Side view
3/4 Rear View
The bike is made of carbon fiber, wich is the only material that gives the possibility to made this complex frame form. Also the handlebars and the fork are made of carbon fiber. The frame manufacturing process is the only process wich allows the monocoque manufacturing of the frame; this is the presure bag moulding.
Red Colour Frame
First Type Handlebar
Second Type Handlebar
Iphone compatibility handlebar