Fra King til Obama/From King to Obama
Identity- and exhibition design for the Nobel Peace Center
The exhibition From King to Obama was opened in september 2009, only a few weeks before Obama was also awarded the Nobel Peace Price. The exhibition centered on Nobel Peace Prize laureate Martin Luther King Jr. The audience got to experience the mood from a time that changed America, and portrays the American Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s – the movement that helped pave the way for Barack Obama's historic election victory.

We designed the exhibition logo- and identity as well as posters, flyers, opening invitations and a 110-page catalogue. For the outside facade, we developed 10 metre tall banners as well as smaller versions for the main entrance. The graphic interior of the exhibition included typography and formatting of wall displays as well as illustration for stools and sound showers. Morten Haneseth from "Livets Små Gleder" was the exhibition scenographer.

American typography and 50s blues was our main source of inspiration when developing the logo/vignett. The glowing lines shaping the words "From" and "To" reflects on King and Obama's powerfull speaches. King literally draws the message with his moves and energy, the same way that he argued for- and dreamt about an equally justified America.