A Metro-Sexual Who Has The Need To Hold On To Some Outdoor Based Rugged-Ness, Thus Opting To Keep A Finely Trimmed Beard. 
You can't shake a stick these days without getting it snagged in a big, burly beard. Flannel and facial hair have reached critical mass (someone call 1994). With the ever growing demands of today's "lumbersexual" world, where does one go to accessorize their bearded lifestyle?
Introducing Lumberjack Leather Co., a custom leather goods brand designed for the lumberjack in us all. Each item is hand-crafted here in the good 'ol US of A. According to the company's founder, Darin Murray, the brand was inspired by "some of my father's and grandfather's most interesting possessions".
We made the leap that those possessions may have had uses in films of a certain genre. So, with tongue firmly inserted in cheek, we present the launch campaign, "Work Hard" for Lumberjack Leather Co.. Each ad depicts a glimpse into a satirical world, tracing the origins of the "lumbersexual". Wood and leather never looked so good together.
CLIENT: Lumberjack Leather Co.
PRODUCER: Amanda Bjornson
ART DIRECTION: Jake Houvenagle
STILLS/WORDS: Brian Cummings
PIXELS: Curt von Diest
STYLIST: Samantha Chadwick
H&M: Brandie Marsden
PROPS: Becky McFarland
TALENT: James Stratman, Jillian Dumont, Leanna Yust, Sean Lee Smith