The Wedding Collection -
Multiple Owners
Photography: Mark Weeks
Graphic Design: Ellie Savige
With 17 products and 10 exquisite paper stocks, has one of the most comprehensive offerings of wedding stationery products in the UK. We wanted to create a homepage slider that allowed the products to shine, as well as showing off the versatility and breadth of's product offering.

We analysed sales data to find out which products and finishes were most in demand, and designed modern, sophisticated stationery that performs as both an indicator of our love of good design, and as inspiration for brides to be. 
The shoot was planned meticulously by Ellie and Dan, and shot over the course of a morning with the talented Mark weeks. We chose a soft, natural light (a little like morning daylight through a window) and used a large reflector to fill the shadows. The result is a beautifully composed slider that subtly guides the eye to the intro copy and product CTA, encouraging visitors to click through and discover more.

This slider marked a turning point in our journey at, bringing fresh, elegant imagery to the homepage and served to inspire both customers and  employees. 
The Wedding Collection -