The element of life
a sculpture proposal in China
  In this project FORM.Addicts where commissioned by Greek Sculptor Sakellaris Koutouzis to create a set of images his proposal, for the Changchun International SculturePark, China. The sculptor proposal in basedon the importance of water as being the most important element of life.We quote

"Water, a divine gift, source oflife around our planet, is in danger and shortage, and the impending crisis
is already felt in various(most vulnerable) areas on earth."

"The entire module consists of 5subunits, one central unit and four regional, around the shores of the lake,all of them sharing a uniform topic:

Water, a divine gift, source of life around our planet, is in danger andshortage, and the impending crisis is already felt in various (most vulnerable)areas on earth. Changchun gifted with charismatic environmental surroundings, lakes,flora, and unique landscape of particular natural beauty, probably has anexcellent opportunity to globally demonstrate this great issue, using the mostimpressive language, Art"

The images where produced in a 3 day period with only a set of sketches of the proposal and a couple of images from the on site visit.Always happy to collaborate with creative people like Sakellaris Koutouzis.

You can see more of the sculptors work in his site