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    various ideas & visual concepts i created on a daily basis for my instagram account @tonyfutura
This is a collection of creative image concepts on which i worked on in the past few months.
Almost daily, i created all of these to keep my self searching for ideas, new perspectives on
things or to comment on current topics of life and the internet community.
I hope my work is inspiring for you & if you want to keep in touch with me
and daily fun ideas and thoughts, please follow me on instagram:
Thank you for watching.
broke watch
scary faces
break fast
mood of the day
back street brush
stripped banana
this ain't no game
body modding
fuck tha police
taking notes
work life balance
c'est formidable
whale hunting
sport is healthy
good morning
the stalking dead
peach please
when life gives you lemons
thank god for slinkies
5-minute holiday
new style
night active
unicorns don't exist
the creation story
toy division - "unknown pleasures"
whale hunting 2
poison the planet
cherry, cherry lady
summer is over
identity theft
chain reaction
whatever makes you smile
peace, brother
low budget sundays
son of a beach
now i candy in peace
vitamin explosion
sunflower eclipse
no title
manly smoker
don't forget: you gonna die
ahh, that bacon smell
in bed
around the world
bat weather protection
ideas are meant to be free
cotton candy cloud
love freedom, hate borders
you can't trust money
candlelight sinner
"Every child is an artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up." - P. Picasso -