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    Facebook status turned typography poster
A  typography project where I handpicked few facebook status and made a series of typography poster out of it.
1. 'How high is high enough to lift you off your lows?' --- Facebook status by Garima Obrah.
 2: 'Follow the butterflies. They lead to sunshine and general happiness.' --- Facebook status by Bianca Chanda Goshar.
3: 'काश! पैरों में उतर आए वो थकान बचपन जैसी, जमीन पे वो चैन की नींद आए बचपन जैसी'.--- Facebook status by Sandeep Gaur.
4. Living with inhibitions is like living inside an invisible cage.' --- Facebook status by Puneet Rajesh
5. 'The Universe so huge and pretty, we so small and petty.' --- Facebook status by Vibha Jindal
6. 'Love is the art of pretending to be normal.' --- Facebook status by Shridutt Gaitonde.
7. 'Everything I know about being human I've learnt from animals.' --- Facebook status by Neel Naik
8. 'Everything is possible. Because humans can't think about the impossible.' --- Facebook status by Sharad Das Gupta
9. 'Hey look at my alcohol! It talks!' --- Facebook status by Shaista Vaishnav
10. 'Pay a price for being nice. enjoy wickedness for Free!' --- Facebook status by Ashwini Mistry
11:'Ek life dena excitement maar ke' --- Facebook status by Mrunal Naik
12: 'DJ Destiny in the house. dance till you die!' --- Facebook status by Sourav Pattnaik