I've been wanting to create something special for a long time. For almost a year I had this idea of illustrating inspiring thoughts, helpful messages and perhaps Bible verses - that are also very very motivating. After constant and "passive" brainstorming I had more and more ideas of what and how I want to illustrate. Since almost all of the inspirational/motivating messages that are out there are based on or have a strong connection with the Scripture, I decided to keep this "direction". 

       One of the main reasons of the existance of this project is that there are a lot of awesome artworks out there that emphasize sadness, hurt and pain. For me art means expressing feelings, but I've been thinking recently how much impact it has on our thoughts. Every piece of art is promoting something, I would like to promote positive things, focusing on health, love, hope, motivation.

       The illustration "Blessed be the name of the Lord" is a verse from the Bible. It started with a sketch, which I later turned into illustration, using Adobe Illustrator. For this special work I used special colors, right from the Bible (Ex 27:16)

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