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    Featuring one of the the earliest and foremost Public Housing (HDB) in Singapore.
What they have left behind
Documentary of {Yung Ping Block 5 to 10}
The Documentary "What they have left behind" is a series that features the abandoned HDB block at Yung Ping Block 5 to 10. These photos are taken by myself and it was taken inbetween November 2011 to February 2012. 

When I was there on 28th November 2011, one of those block has left only one residence still in the unit at the lower level at the corner. Only that particular block has the lift that is still working. However, all blocks has lights turning on after 7pm. When I was there, also I saw some abandoned residences letters on the ground around the mailbox. It mentioned that most of the residences has been shifted to Toa Payoh due to these few blocks en-bloc. Most of the units in the block are not lock, easy for free visit.

Recently in early February, I went there again. I saw some windows on the ground level has been broken and some bangladesh hanging around it. Also when me & my friend was shooting photos, a officer from Gov HDB approaches us. He says that it's better for us to stay away from this area. One of those reason is because there's alot of "spider man" these days climbing into those abandoned units. He also mentioned to us, some drunk bangladesh randomly bring girls to this place to do things.

Currently, all the blocks no longer provide electricity for the lift and lights. It was partially abandoned since July 2011. However from what I heard, it won't be hoarding up within these few months and also, it'll be fast demolished after the hoard up has been done. 

I was pretty curious, I asked the HDB Officer "how many photographers he sees each day?". He says he haven't seen any yet, we are the first that he sees. Haha. So nobody actually knows this place eh? Here's one of the reason I'm sharing it here. 

If you are some architecture lovers or photo freak, then you shouldn't be missing out this. Go visit this amazing structure before it's gone.