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Editorial Content Hub for AdTech Platform Sharethrough

How Sharethrough Became an Adtech Thought Leader with the launch of nativeadvertising.com
A Brand Publication By Content Marketers For Content Marketers
NATIVE is a publication launched for Sharethrough about the future of marketing and advertising in the media business. Launched in late 2014, the publication grew to 15,000 monthly uniques in its first three months. I managed the operation from end to end, including content strategy, writing, editing and promotion.
A Meta Approach
Articles like "The Brand Blog Has Evolved. It's Time To Launch A Brand Publication." educate Sharethrough's target B2B audience of marketers who are looking for new strategies for their brand.
Covering Marketing, Advertising and Publishing Through Lens of Native Adtech
As a regular contributor as well as editor-in-chief, I covered hot-button industry issues such as adblocking with the native advertising leader's point of view.
Always an advocate of eating your own dog food, I was hands-on-keys with Sharethrough's Ad Manager to buy native ads to promote content, using multivariate creative testing to optimize CTR, CPC and CPM with the winning headline and thumbnail combination.

Strategic Audience Growth
Through paid marketing efforts, SEO, and SEM, I delivered a 2,146% growth in traffic from 946 sessions in January 2015 to 21,250 sessions in December 2015. Through testing and optimization using organic and paid strategies on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Sharethrough Ad Manager, Taboola and Outbrain, I also delivered an 83% increase in time on site for the publication, from 0:43 to 1:19.
Editorial Content Hub for AdTech Platform Sharethrough


Editorial Content Hub for AdTech Platform Sharethrough

The NATIVE publication is native adtech startup Sharethrough's primary top-funnel marketing, regularly reporting on industry news and tactical ti Read More