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Kakino-kinoshita/VI design



Kakinokinoshita is an art gallery in Tokorozawa, Saitama, that was transformed from an 80-year-old folk house. At tegusu, we designed a symbol, logotype, leaflet and business card for the gallery. We also created guidelines for the gallery owner and gallery users so that they can adjust the logo design according to their needs.

Construction & Design:しまだ設計室/Shimada Architect
Art Direction & Design:Masaomi Fujita


The number of tall apartment buildings around the Tokorozawa Station has been rapidly increasing in recent years, and the main streets in the area are crowded with franchise stores. Mr. Gonda, who had been seeing the neighborhood change for years, decided to remodel an 80-year-old Japanese-style old folk house into a gallery/office in an attempt to preserve the cultural and artistic aspects of the area.


Kakinokinoshita is a “revived house” that helps create a “community” among local people, artists who use the gallery and gallery visitors. For the house, we developed a gallery logo based on traditional Japanese family crests that represent family trees and pedigrees. 
There is a huge persimmon tree in front of the gallery and, when it starts to bear fruits in autumn, many people gather under the tree to pick persimmons. Since the gallery is also a place where people gather, for the gallery symbol, we placed a large “柿 (kaki)”, the kanji that means “persimmon” in Japanese, in the center to emphasize the friendly nature of the place. 
*The name of the family that used to live in the house is Kinoshita, and it is where the gallery name, Kakinokinoshita, came from. 


We also expanded our designs into multiple versions using the traditional Japanese color scheme and created a persimmon-calyx background pattern in order to make it easier for the gallery to design their original towels, curtains and tools in the future.  

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Kakino-kinoshita/VI design

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Kakino-kinoshita/VI design

ギャラリー 柿ノ木ノ下(所沢)/VIデザイン