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    This was created for an ad campaign ran by the Safety & Health Council for Varicose Veins.
Varicose Vein Cream Shock Campaign
This project was extremely fun to do. As we were creating it, we were constantly reminded of how much it looks like it should fit into a Walking Dead or American Horror Story poster. We didn't create this image with that intent, but hey if it works, so be it.
The original intent of this piece was for an original attention-getting image to be used on the website of the Safety & Health Council for Varicose Veins. Unfortunately, the organization thought it to be too dark and gruesome, but said that they may plan on using it for future projects. For right now, the organization is just now rolling out their new website and it will take some time to get adjusted to the changes. If they were to add this particular image to it, then they would definitely lose some of their readers and subscribers. The page to host this image in the future is the varicose vein cream page on the organization's main website to warn people of the dangers associated with the ingredients.
According to the current director, SHC for Varicose Veins will help to educate the public on the many uses for common household goods in the prevention and natural treatment of veins that have become varicose. This will be done in a three part process over the course of this year. The first stage of this process is to let the public know of the problem. The second stage will inform people of the causes of spider veins and launch prevention education. Phase three will involve the rolling out of new research conducted regarding the effectiveness of certain home remedies.
As you may or may not know, many people are looking for a varicose veins home treatment option because they don't want to pursue invasive surgery. Some people find a little relief with compression stockings, but the relief only lasts as long as you have the socks on. Once you take them off, the discomfort returns and the legs begin to swell again.