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    Last Thursday was opening night for the ʻNew York Typesʼ exhibit at the Art Directors Club in New York, presented by New York Writes Itself and T… Read More
    Last Thursday was opening night for the ʻNew York Typesʼ exhibit at the Art Directors Club in New York, presented by New York Writes Itself and The Village Voice. Inspired by the ʻScriptʼ at http://www.newyorkwritesitself.com, the exhibition brings to life real words heard on the streets of New York City. We had an awesome time, and hopefully you did too. As you can see, we had a great turnout. Actually, it was the greatest turnout being that we broke the 2011 attendance records at the ADC Gallery. (How’s that for ending the year on a good note?) Over 650 people (including those who acted as scribes and submitted the words they heard to the website) descended on the Art Directors Club for opening night where great art, live music and booze was enjoyed by all. Huge thanks to all the artists from Swayspace, Center for Book Arts, Peter Kruty Editions, Tarhorse Press, and The KDU. The show would have been pretty boring without you. If you missed out donʼt worry, the exhibition is open until January 5th, so be sure and stop by the Art Directors Club at 106 West 29th Street and see what everyone is still talking about. The innovative and extremely limited edition artwork is still for sale ranging from $200 – $250. Contact Regan here to purchase. We couldn’t have put it all together without the help of many hands. All those hands come from people that work at a variety of brands/organizations. Thank you to everyone who helped out from Village Voice, Brooklyn Brewery, Leo Burnett NY, Dewar’s, French Paper, DJ Synapse, Tonovision Photography, Bill Thomas and The Art Directors Club. This event was inspired by New Yorkers, and brought to life by New Yorkers. Every piece of art in the show was inspired by a person, scene, or quote witnessed in NYC. Thank you to the scribes for contributing stories. Thank you to the people of New York who unknowingly catalyzed an amazing letterpress show. A lot of work went into making this event as great as it was. Thanks for being a part of it and we’ll see you at the next New York Writes Itself event. Get involved as a Scribe at http://www.newyorkwritesitself.com, and your everyday experiences of New York just might become part of the next New York Writes Itself experience, which could take the form of music, writing, photography, a short film or more. Read Less
New York Writes Itself Exhibition
Artworks for New York Writes Itself Exhibition in New York with 10 KDU Artists
NEW YORK TYPES, running December 15, 2011 through January 5, 2012, is presented in collaboration with New York Writes Itself, a new ongoing series of creative productions fueled by the people of New York, and Leo Burnett New York.
For the NEW YORK TYPES exhibition, each artist or group — currently including Swayspace, Center for the Book Arts, The KDU, Peter Kruty Editions and Tarhorse Press — has picked a collection of NYWI ‘Script’ entries to interpret in his or her own letterpress style, bringing the real words to life letter by letter. The artwork is for sale in limited editions of 10, with a total of 500 pieces for sale.
42nd Verse
Here once lived a stupid dream
From whence some ego ran
To find his moon and bay
At her and foolishly
She, as you are
So much so
Too much to
And it
At Limit’s urging
Moved along
As mist
Location: Brooklyn, Bedford Stuyvesant.
Scribe: onusrampart

If I had to design a woman I’d design her like you
Sitting on a stoop, a guy in 20′s says this to the girl he’s sitting with.
Location: Brooklyn, Fort Greene.
Scribe: Mike