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    Ceramic coinbox designed by Gianluca Gimini for BVR. Art direction by Alexander Schug. Photography by Filippo Patrese.
Coinbox for BVR
a limited edition of 210
In 2011 I was contacted by Alexander Schug in behalf of BVR, Germany’s second bank, for an invitation based contest. They were seeking designs for a ceramic coin box to give to their best customers as a corporate gift. The idea that won me the job was a coin bank designed for adults rather than children: inserting coins one by one can be fun for a child but it’s not very functional for someone who is just in need of a place to empty out his pockets from the change he collected during the day. The funnel shape conveys a handful of coins at a time towards the slot. I was also asked to design the booklet that goes together with this ceramic object; its layout and graphics were designed in collaboration with the photographer Filippo Patrese who also shot all the pictures below. All the mediation between the customer, myself and manufacturers was handled by Alexander Schug through his Berlin-based agency Vergangenheitsagentur.