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    Installation for the "Pop Up 2010" exhibition with the thematic: "Urban Nomads"
Supporters– a person who supports.
Support– give help, encouragement; provide with a home and the necessities of life; becapable of sustaining (life);

The work is conceptually divided in two parts: paradigm and syntax.

cards (paradigm)represent several faces from the same bloodline, though their aestheticdiversity also symbolises change, mutability and things to come. One of thecards is a Joker, who eschatologically represents those who inhabit the outerlimits of society.

house of cards (syntax)represents the place where each card may be seen through a window, representinga specific way of looking to society. Though a house is a place to be, the factof this one being made of cards reminds us how fragile and ephemeral it is andthat all of us is probably closer to urban nomadism than what we would like tothink.

The title
Supporters shouldbe read through all its polysemy: emotionally, financially, psychologically andstructurally.