Chinese Herbal Box
Anotherseries of the collection I have, also the same concept of adding value into thenormality of the objects, in Chinese Herbology, there are wide range of plantsthat we would not think of, which has medicinal properties for each specifichealth problems, the way the herbs works is by having a variety in small dosseswhich creates a concoction that would aid your health. 

Collecting is aim differently by theaudience, as I’m interested how we treat publication as a collection bycollectors. Because I’m trying to portray object with and added value, I wantmy audience to have a sense of appreciation on objects, which creates anemotional sense of reminiscence response. For my publication on ChineseMedicine, other than portraying about the values of objects, the content givesa brief introduction about the history of Chinese medicine, then is continueswith pictures of an china town in Malaysia, after that it introduces the herbalproperties on health. 

The book is accompanied by a collection ofthe medicinal herbs and with a Chinese weighing scale called ‘Sychee’ , Iwanted the book to have a sense of home feeling, and interaction with the bookand the audiences so they would have some familiarity of the set.
This book also represents my familybackground and my roots being brought up in Malaysia where there bountifuldifferent cultural background, I hope that I could create an emotional journeytowards the audience when reading the book.