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    A Speaking Pixels Photo Story
On my first day of college, my English professor gave us the speech. I thought it was something you only heard on tv. You know, the classic professorial statement: "Look around. Most of the people you see won't be here when you graduate." I never thought I'd be one of the "most," but that's another story.

It's inevitable that some things, and people, that are currently present won't make the successful transition into the next phase of existence. Those who will are the ones who learn the importance of being relevant.

I reckon we can't make the mistake of operating in fear and selfishness rather than wisdom and change. The danger is in simply building up oneself with hopes of being present in the future, rather than building the future that exists in the present. The future belongs to the innovators, builders, and individuals who don't just want a result, but are willing to do the work to acquire it. You can hold fast to adaptation or you can ungraciously make your transition to the wrong side of history.
Build your future in the present...Fewture: A Speaking Pixels Photo Story
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