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    Conceptual store for a well-known sportswear producer Under Armour

Conceptual idea was to create something completely different for the new and brave sports cloting and accessories company. Under Armour has a chance to reinvent the store design and bring more cool things to the world
During the design process I used differe design techniques. Started with a classical ball-pen sketches I came to the digital sketching using digital tablet. I discovered different ones including Ipad Pro  with apple pencil. And at the end I used 3d modeling software to create a final images
The main inspiration was the Gym / fitness straps like TRX in a poisonous yellow colour. These straps go around entire showroom going at the top to the central mounted light modules and going down under the griddy floor panels.
The displays, showcases and the sitting benches designed using the same tool. Industrial straps are going around the metal or concrete structure to create a sitting or display surface.
Graphically the showroom should look like a web or some haotic combination of bright straps and the quite and flat concrete surfaces of the rest of the store. The goal that I tried to reach is to create a unique and extreme experience that you can't get in any other sports store.