Theater Augsburg - Schauspiel
Different Posters

For the saison 2015/16 our illustration class at the University of Applied Science Augsburg worked together with the theater Augsburg. We could create different ideas to several plays. The challenge but also the fun part  was to find the fitting style to every play. 

»Die schärfsten Gerichte der tatarischen Küche« (Alina Bronsky)
premiere: June 2016

»Bad Boys« (Rapucation)
after »Max and Moritz« (Wilhelm Busch)
premiere: 15.10.2015

»Der Ideale Mann« (Oscar Wilde)
premiere: 10.10.2015

»Peter Pan« (James Matthew Barrie)
premiere: 15.11.2015

Thank you very much for watching!
I really appreciate it.