Vito Pellicano, Creative Brand Ambassador at the manufacturing company Tuthill Corporation, reached out to me for a bunch of lettering phrases. The phrases are part of a large re-branding project that Tuthill Corporation is rolling out at the moment. They are changing focus from products to the human forces behind it all – we care about people. The target group are the employees of Tuthill Corporation, a diverse group, ranging from young to old, with different backgrounds. In contrast to the soft words Vito was looking for a bold, strong style with a sort of “take no shit” attitude. From three initial sketches this was the chosen direction. We found inspiration from different directions, one source was old Harley Davidson ads. The letterings together with more copy will be used for posters inside their factories. All type was initially hand-drawn by pencil and/or Graphít Twin Tip marker combined with Micron fineliner, and then refined digitally
Above. Final artworks.
Above. Sketch for Wake the world, created with a Graph´it Twin tip marker. 
Above. Closer look at one of the final vector artwork.
Above. Closer look at one of the final vector artworks. 

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