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    A class opportunity to redesign a dysfunctional package of our choice.
Emmett Fare
Package Redesign & Branding
Given the opportunity to redesign a dysfunctional product package, I chose to tackle the leaky and easily punctured ground beef packaging that has left shoppers unhappy for years. The goal was to create an alternative packaging that solved the problems of the previous packaging and make it more eco-friendly.

My solution consisted of an easily stored container that is both freezable and microwaveable. The lightweight plastic container is airtight, prevents leakage, and can be resealed and stored in the refrigerator.

In addition to solving the package flaws, this project provided me the opportunity to create a new brand. The Emmett Fare brand was meant to recall the days when a butcher’s shop was marked by a hand painted sign and a friendly farmer behind the counter. The logo consists of custom letters highly inspired by 19th & 20th century sign paintings.