Something a little different, this was created to experiment with the new Adobe app Capture, which combines Adobe Shape, Color and Brush with another capability - Looks. The idea was to use most of the features in a piece that showed how easy it was to use this app and integrate it with desktop apps through Creative Cloud libraries. Because of Brush I took the extra step of taking the vector image I created in Adobe Draw - into Photoshop. Little different look for me but still feels like my style. 
It was included as part of the re-brand of Adobe's Inspire Magazine to Create, a beautiful new publication that celebrates creators of all types. You can read the article and even download the library here.
I used the shape feature in Capture to create a bunch of stampable vector pieces to work into the overall illustration that was created in Adobe Draw. With CC libraries the stamps were available under the shape dropdown. 
I also integrated color themes I made using Capture both in Adobe Draw and when I got to desktop applications. 
Once I exported to Illustrator, I copied each layer into Photoshop and then starting using Brushes i created at the flea market, available right in the library window, to start painting details in and around the linework from Draw.  
Be sure to check out the article and all the cool new content on Adobe Create.