It's becoming a tradition to do these posters for the bands that play at the Adobe MAX Creativity Conference every year. This year there were two bands so I did one for each. I've heard rumors about how eneregetic and fun Cage was live, they did not disappoint. 
The poster was created using a mix of Adobe Draw on the iPad and Adobe Illustrator.
an alternate colorway up against final. Ended up going with the orange to run two designs on same color paper from French. 
An early sketch of the poster done in Adobe Sketch on the iPad
I went pretty far with the lettering shown below but the band wanted something more organic and gave me some great classic reference to work from. 
I signed a bunch of the posters on the last day of the conference and was great to hear some attendees had collected all four that I had done. Look at those double sharpie skills.
The prints came out amazing and were printed by Delicious Design in Chicago.