A Simpler, Smart Home Monitoring Camera For Capturing Life’s Magic Moments.
In a crowded market of overly 'techy' home surveillance cameras, Logi Circle takes a fresh approach to staying connected to your home and family. An affordable, high-quality camera with a user-friendly design, Circle is about capturing and logging life’s moments within the home, all while being accessible via your smartphone. 
Circle’s 2-way Talk & Listen feature over Wi-Fi not only let’s you connect, but also interact from a distance. So when your toddler decides to take her first steps, her East Coast grandparents can be a part of the moment and cheer her on. The device blends seamlessly into your home surroundings. Thanks to Circle’s small footprint and wireless connection, it can easily move with you as you chase your toddler around the house without the hassle of cords or outlets. And at the end of each day, rather than weed through hours of video footage, Circle delivers you a 30 second 'Daily Brief' so you can see that special moment again. The best part? You'll have time for one more bedtime story.
MINIMAL teamed up with Logitech to create Circle, one of the first products under the new Logi brand.
Early concept sketches show a spherical camera rotating on a base for multiple degrees of adjustability, including a wall mounting scenario. 
Circle's magnetic wall mount allows for the device to securely snap into place with ease.
Circle is portable, so you can easily take it with you to the kitchen, living room or even outside to the pool. 
The magnetic charging ring works at any angle, allowing Circle to be rotated to the best position to capture the action. The connector-free design makes it easy to move the camera around your house without the hassle of plugging it in.
Circle’s friendly form can tuck behind plants, hang out on a side table, sit on a mantle or look outside from a window sill. 
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Logi Circle