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Logos/Emblems 2015
2015 is such a good year - a good number of projects, but only few to showcase. This is a small selection of logo designs, created in period from January to October 2015. Most of the designs were sketched in Adobe Photoshop and after that redrawn in Adobe Illustrator. I often like to represent the designs in black and white, like to work with details and this is the direction and the style I would like to continue to work with in the near future.
Khan The Conqueror
This design was a personal project. I had that idea in my head for a long time, so I wanted to realize it.
I wanted to achieve that "victory feel", with strong and fearless pose and expression of the horse, but also and on the horse rider.
The Captain's Daughter - Rum Co.
Inspired by a pirates of the Caribbean sequence, as well as nautical themes. I created this piece as main and alternate option. The goal was to create a logo, that can be used as and a label.
Stolthed Royal - Luxury Goods
Caravel Brewing Co.
Craft brewery located in Canada. They create 6 different craft beers with quality ingredients and small batch brewing. Caravel is 15/16 century sailing ship (Santa Maria/Pinta/Nina were all caravel style ships) and the theme is exploring new taste.
Noble Farmer - Alternate opt.
Noble Farmer - Agricultural Business
Primarily Apples (Black Twigs)
Emperor's Brewing Co.
- Is an old, & traditional, family owned brewery located in Gent, Belgium. They make handcrafted Ales and Lagers using traditional brewing methods.
Tommy's Guns - Armory/Gunstore
The owner's name is Tommy. Client has a gunstore/armory so he proposed to have a gangster with Tommy Gun in the logo and through that, his name of the gunstore as "Tommy's Guns".
Emperor's Brewing Co. Alternate opt.
Ponoi River Co.
- Is high-end catch-and-release fly-fishing camps on the Kola Peninsula (northern Russia). I used the scenery from Ponoi river itself and wanted to incorporate that into the logo. Camps are modern, stylish and classy.
Target audience is 55-60 years old.
Ponoi River Co. Alternate opt.
Moonlit Mermaid - Logo Redesign
Sunless Tanners
Honoured to mention that most designs from this showcase is featured in new book called "New Retro" (2016) by Victionary Publishing.
You can order the book here
(Photo Credits Victionary hk) 
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Logos/Emblems 2015


Logos/Emblems 2015

2015 is such a good year - a good number of projects, but only few to showcase. This is a small selection of logo designs, created in period from Read More