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Created several years ago while a student in design school, this project still remains one of my favorites.
Our assignment was to create an entry for the Adobe Webby-in-Motion competition where the winning entry would be used to introduce an awards category at the annual Webby Awards in New York.

I chose the category of "living" and chose to go with a fluid and handcrafted design. I want dot connect the concept of nature and humans and the similarities we share. Like humans, fish and birds live in communities (flocks of birds, schools of fish). Likewise, bamboo grows in forests.

To my surprise, my entry was selected as a winner, but with one caveat. They wanted to use it for the "services" category and requested a few changes be made and be resubmitted in 4 days. I ran to campus that week, reserved a camera and time on the green screen and enlisted the help of a few friends to reshoot some footage. I replaced the live action sequences to be more business oriented and changed the text at the end.
A few weeks later it was shown live during the Webby Awards!

Huge thanks to my classmates and instructors at Ex'pression College and to my friend Geoff Welliver for allowing me to use his music.