Global Game Jam 2012
The Labotonist.
Global Game Jam is a 48-hour game creation event over a weekend. At 5pm on the Friday, the theme is revealed, and teams have until 5pm on the Sunday to create a game.
The theme this year was a single image, of an Ouroboros. Various teams took it in different ways, drawing onsnakes, circles, infinity. Our team took it as "never ending", and so a tower defence game was devised.
After 48 hours, we had a fully playable level, with five out of six plants working fully.
You play as an Alchemist, protecting his journal from the invading evil forces trying to steal it so they can use the knowledge within the book to cause more destruction! Using the power of alchemy with the use of various special plants, you must repel the invaders for as long as possible and hope you can remember the contents of the book!
I created all of the plants for the game, as well as most of the environmental assets. All models had to be below 500 polygons.
The two pansies are short range attackers, the cobra attacks long rage, the red flower is a defensive block and the aloe vera in a nurse's hat can heal you. The small dragon is your big attacker, which costs a lot of life to create.
In the game, you are swarmed by enemies, and must build a defense between them and the book.
The game is available at
We are updating it steadily. We have a full sound board to be implemented, as well as more aesthetic elements such as animations and attack notifications.