Branding & Packaging by Veronica Lethorn
Pattern, Photography & Art Direction by Eve Warren
When Oonagh Simms trained as a patissiere and chocolatiere in Paris, she would make at least four different types of artisan marshmallow a week. When Oonagh returned to London she realised something was missing – here a marshmallow means the sad pink and white puffs we add to hot chocolate, or toast on the end of a stick on bonfire night.
So Oonagh became ‘The Marshmallowist’, creating decadent marshmallows with a signature edge. Her marshmallows can now be found at luxury retail stores throughout the UK.   
Oonagh commissioned Melbourne based Graphic Designer Veronica Lethorn, to rebrand ’The Marshmallowist’ re-positioning the product for the luxury retail market. The developed brand celebrates the companies values; a bold, contemporary product that embraces artisanal ingredients, progressive flavour combinations and innovative production methods, all with a slice of fun. 
The brand identity was then expressed by Veronica Lethorn through a customised version of Piero Di Biase, Think Work Observe, Futwora (a contemporary take on the classic type face Futura originally designed by Paul Renner), across the packaging range printed on G. F Smith Colorplan papers.
Recently Oonagh collaborated with emerging creative Eve Warren to art direct, develop a supporting brand palette and create a range of abstract patterns to market the product range. The abstract fruit patterns, developed by Eve, were then applied to the flagship bakery shopfront. 
The Brief & Considerations
Re-evaluate the founding story, brand values and personality. Reflect and interpret what the ‘Marshmallowist’ is about in every piece of communication we create.
‘We are the definitive marshmallow experts’.
Artful / Crafted — Handmade, Contemporary expression, bespoke 
Great product — Quality ingredients and craftsmanship
Innovative — Flavour combinations are unique, Expanding product to other areas i.e recipes and seasonal products 
Luxury — Embeded in product
Self expression through food, make the customers enjoy the eating experience of the Marshmallowist. 
Straight talking / Quirky / Fun / Crafted / Contemporary / Quality / Unique / Progressive / Principled / Gourmet 
Special thanks to Olivia Warren for her assistance on the window display
And G . F Smith for supplying the paper
The Marshmallowist

The Marshmallowist

Artisan fresh fruit marshmallows in unexpected flavours. Handcrafted from fluff to cut by the marshmallowist.

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