Design an android tablet application for a kiosk at a bank, to facilitate token generation and queue management.
After listing the key product features and use cases, low-fidelity wireframes were designed. The emphasis was on accentuating key information (Estimate Time, Services Categories, etc.) and call-to-action buttons, while focusing on touch surface area and ease of use.
Once the main components and basic flow was in place, interactive wireframes were designed. Clean UI, intuitive iconography, fluid interactions with the context of use in mind, were the driving factors during the prototyping process.
VISUAL MOCKUP: The home screen had a key use case of generating a quick token for commonly used services at respective banks. Based on research data from the client, 60-70% of people would use that feature. Hence, the UI was designed keeping that in mind by allotting the upper half of the screen for generating a quick token, followed by other actions the users can perform. The background image appeals to the emotion by relating to the context of use. The final design is a simple, minimal UI with good visual hierarchy to engage the user in a busy bank environment.
Based on feedback from early testing of the prototypes, the end result was a token generation service that reduced waiting times at the banks, and made the task of generating a token effortless with minimum number of steps feasible.